Rehabilitative Massage and Wellness Education

Rent Our Space

Are you an educator looking for a location to hold your Continuing Education classes?

We hold massage CE classes here and we know what you need.

You need:

  • A space for lecture and a location for hands-on practice.
  • Five massage tables so you don't have to worry if students will bring theirs.
  • A few extra massage sheet and towels for those who forgot theirs.
  • A private bathroom.
  • A fridge so students can store their lunches and microwave.
  • A place to display books and products for sale.
  • Lots of parking spaces.
  • Restaurants and hotels nearby.

Lecture Space


We have it all here for you.  Make yourself comfortable!

You'll be able to seat ten people in the lecture room and have five massage tables in the hands-on room.

A perfect location for a class of ten!


Fee Schedule

Available Saturday, Sunday and Monday

One Day  - $200
Two Days - $350
Three Days  - $500


Learn More and Schedule Your Class

Simply contact or call 919-623-6940